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How To Grow Your Business On A Budget


Whether you’re starting up or looking to grow your business, you must constantly keep an eye on your budget to make sure that you are investing wisely.

But how can you grow a business, whilst also finding ways to cut costs?

It’s not always easy but there are several ways you can drive your business forward without a huge budget.

Avoid long-term commitments

Established businesses with tried and tested processes are able to commit to long-term contracts which can offer great savings.

However, small or start-up businesses are likely to be in a more precarious position, still finding their feet in terms of requirements. What is true in week 1, may not be come week 8.

The last thing you want to do is commit to something that’s not feasible in the long term.

Don’t rush to spend on ads

Marketing is vital from an early stage.

However, in the infancy of your business – you can market effectively without having to spend a huge amount.

Networking is vital. You can start with existing connections, including friends and family, and build from there. Create real relationships with other businesses and they can help you on your path to growth.

Utilise social media to reach beyond your existing network and you’ll start building a solid base without having to spend huge amounts on ads.

Invest in yourself

One of the most important lessons to learn is that, for your business to grow, consistent investment is key.

That investment could be in new staff to help you deliver your product or service, or marketing to increase brand awareness, as well as many other areas. Whatever you use it for, ensure it is being used to create new opportunities.

In the current economic climate, growing a small business is a difficult task. Therefore it is vital that you are money savvy.

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At NJG Purchasing Services Ltd we believe that there are many basic tips and tricks which can help to reduce your company overheads with almost immediate effect.

We have produced an ebook to guide you through some of the more basic methods which you can implement alongside using NJG Purchasing Services.


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