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Habits Of A Good Entrepreneur


Being a good entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work and determination. While there is no “one size fits all” solution to becoming a successful entrepreneur, there are some universal good habits to pick up in order to help you reach your business goals.

Client Communication

Listening to your clients is extremely important. Making sure your clients feel like they’re being listened to and acknowledged gives them confidence in you and a feeling of security in your business relationship, which builds trust between you. Making a client feel heard can be as easy as referencing their suggestions in a meeting, discussing their ideas with them – whether you agree with them or not – and acting on their suggestions where you can.

Not only does listening to your clients make them feel confident working with you, it also allows you an insight into what people within their industry may be looking for, allowing you to apply this knowledge to other clients or to give you a starting point for tracking trends in their industry so you can be proactive about what you offer them and what ideas you bring to the table.

Never Stop Networking

Building your network should always be a priority. Your network can never be too large or diverse. Building your network is only one of two key aspects of networking, however. Maintaining your relationships is equally as important. Stay in regular contact with your connections utilising email, social media such as LinkedIn or attending regular networking events that you know your primary connections frequent. It’s important to nurture your connections and never take your network for granted.

Be A Team Player

You’ve built your dream team of employees who you trust the future of your business with, now it’s time to utilise them. A good entrepreneur is one who is approachable and has an open line of communication with their team. Your team is your most valuable resource, and as such you as the person at the helm of your business should be integrated into that team. This will boost productivity, create a good flow of communication and improve employee morale as your team will feel valued.

This culture of open communication is important to have in your team, but should also extend to your clients. Your clients should feel confident enough in your relationship that they can come to you with any suggestion, idea or concern, and in turn, you shouldn’t be afraid to present your ideas to your clients, even if they may seem unconventional at first.

Know Your Market

To be at the top of your game, you need to know who the other players are and what they’re doing to achieve success. Get an insight into your market by looking at other industry leaders to see what they’re doing to stand out, make new connections and achieve the kind of growth you would like to see for your own company.

Knowing your market is essential and can also be achieved by listening to your clients’ previous experiences with competitors in your sector and by regularly reviewing market research.

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