NJG...were able to deliver cost savings in specific areas, including office supplies, telephone charges and plant hire...NJG conducted themselves professionally throughout their assignment with Augean.
- Augean PLC
Professional, diligent, flexible and responsive to our needs"..."They have provided all of their services without presenting any direct costs to Shearings.
Ian McInnes - Shearings Holidays
Savings range from 6% to in excess of 30% with the majority of reductions confirmed and introduced within a period of 8 weeks.
Paul Stevenson - Mainstay
While you were unable to improve some areas you did identify cost reduction ideas for us to develop and you did not present any fees for your work and the information provided in these areas.
Chris McLintic - Mellors
A thoroughly professional service at all times with your work causing minimal disruption and impact on the day to day activities of our business.
Ian Taylor - P.I. Castings
We fully benefited from Neil’s wealth of experience and expertise. He sought the right balance between best service vs reduced costs for our business and helped us form stronger relationships with our suppliers.
Chris Brewster - Animal Care Group plc
We were using too many suppliers but didn’t have a professional procurement function in-house. Neil helped us reduce the number of suppliers, get full buy-in from everyone involved and demonstrate the actual savings he generated for us.
Andy Bolter - SOCOTEC
You have generated savings ranging from 10% to in excess of 30%.
Andrew McLaughlan - Financial Director
Neil has managed around 50 different assignments on my behalf, the majority of which have been complex in nature and have included a wide range of overhead products and services. I have found Neil to be extremely diligent and thorough, with an eye for detail that few others possess. Our working relationship will continue and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Neil to any organisation looking to secure better value for money.
Philip Morris, CEO - Nelson La Rochelle


These examples demonstrate some of the results we have achieved across different commodities from a selection of our client base.

The aim of each and every assignment is to fully benchmark the selected cost areas to identify where robust and sustainable cost reduction is available but also to confirm where a client is purchasing competitively.

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As a procurement specialist for more than 30 years, I get the frustrations you face. Growing a business is complex and challenging, but don’t let high costs be your downfall.

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