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Points To Consider When Renting Office Space


Whether you’re moving into your first office or your fifth, it always comes with lots of questions you have to ask yourself to pick the perfect space. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of five things to focus on before you make your decision. Size Obviously, you don’t want to lease a […]

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NJG Appears On Friday Fizz


Continuing the momentum generated from our recent networking event, our MD Neil Grime appeared on +24 Marketing’s, ‘The Friday Fizz’. The weekly show is a light-hearted roundup of recent news and events, covering everything from social media to the economy. During his time on the show, Neil discussed the work we do at NJG Purchasing […]

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Advice For Those Starting A New Business


Whilst considering what to write about in this week’s blog, I came across a lot of advice for young people looking to start a business. Actually, starting a business isn’t just for young entrepreneurs. With the world now more connected than it’s ever been, people of any age have the ability to start out in business. So, […]

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How To Minimise Staff Turnover


A high staff turnover rate can be a difficult thing for all businesses, but especially for small businesses. Just from the practical side of things, the amount of time and resources spent on constantly finding and hiring talent is significant. To lose staff for any reason soon after those investments have been made can be […]

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Show Me The Money


Over 30 businesses keen to reduce their overhead cost base attended the ‘Streamline Your Business in 2016 on Wednesday the 27th of January. Professionals from a wide range of businesses across the North West from sectors including finance, law, manufacturing, service, energy, coaching, charities and marketing made their way to Samlesbury Hotel in Preston for the […]

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Streamline Your Business


Happy New Year to all my clients! The various projects I have worked on throughout 2015 have helped me to continue to develop the business in a way which has truly benefited my customers. NJG Purchasing Services has been able to provide a personalised, professional and dedicated service to all of my valued clients through […]



At NJG Purchasing Services Ltd we believe that there are many basic tips and tricks which can help to reduce your company overheads with almost immediate effect.

We have produced an ebook to guide you through some of the more basic methods which you can implement alongside using NJG Purchasing Services.


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As a procurement specialist for more than 30 years, I get the frustrations you face. Growing a business is complex and challenging, but don’t let high costs be your downfall.

No matter what size your business, any inefficiencies you have now will only get bigger as you grow. Getting lean and resourceful as early as possible, will enable you to build an efficient and streamlined business for the future

We understand how frustrating it is when you know your overheads are high, but you don’t have the resources or expertise to get them down.
That’s why we do it all for you.

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