Are you struggling with...

  • Trying to keep on top of all your overheads

  • Lack of resources to do a detailed review of all your costs

  • Frustrations that you're likely paying more than you should for things like office products & services, industrial supplies, logistics & freight services

  • Feeling skeptical about whether suppliers are giving you the best deals

  • Lack of expertise in-house to source and secure better value for money for your business

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the constant struggle to keep a handle on rising costs

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You deserve better

We believe your suppliers should be out for your best interests, not theirs

Our promise to you...

  • No reductions, no fee

    Our fees are a fixed percentage of the actual money we save for you

  • No hidden costs

    Everything we do is fully covered by our fee

  • Custom plans

    Our recommendations are based on your specific business needs and service level criteria

  • No unnecessary change

    44% of our proposals are based on clients retaining their current suppliers

  • Minimum disruption to your business

    The majority of our work takes place away from your offices

  • Regular updates

    We keep you updated with the progress and provide quarterly reports of actual reductions achieved

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We get it...

We understand how frustrating it is when you know your overheads are high, but you don’t have the resources or expertise to get them down.

Thats why we do it all for you.

£6 million

savings for our customers


cost reduction on average

1. We Review

With minimum disruption to your business, we collect the data, conduct research & negotiations and create a plan for you to approve

2. We Implement

We take full care of implementing the plan, holding meetings with your staff & suppliers and reporting on the actual reductions achieved

3. You Celebrate

With reduced overheads and a healthier bottom line, you get to enjoy peace of mind that you have secured the best deals for your business

When you work with us you get...

  • Detailed review of all your overhead costs

  • Your specific service level needs identified

  • Best deals negotiated and fully implemented

  • Better, managed relationships with suppliers

  • Trusted adviser on board

  • Peace of mind

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"We were using too many suppliers but didn’t have a professional procurement function in-house. Neil helped us reduce the number of suppliers, get full buy-in from everyone involved and demonstrate the actual savings he generated for us."

Andy Bolter



At NJG Purchasing Services Ltd we believe that there are many basic tips and tricks which can help to reduce your company overheads with almost immediate effect.

We have produced an ebook to guide you through some of the more basic methods which you can implement alongside using NJG Purchasing Services.


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As a procurement specialist for more than 30 years, I get the frustrations you face. Growing a business is complex and challenging, but don’t let high costs be your downfall.

No matter what size your business, any inefficiencies you have now will only get bigger as you grow. Getting lean and resourceful as early as possible, will enable you to build an efficient and streamlined business for the future

We understand how frustrating it is when you know your overheads are high, but you don’t have the resources or expertise to get them down.
That’s why we do it all for you.

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